The internal organization of the distributed NMR ICTS includes:


The legal representatives of the institutions owning the various nodes (University of Barcelona, CSIC and CICbioGUNE) form the Steering Committee, which oversee the legal and economic aspects of the distributed ICTS.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the scientific management of the ICTS. It is constituted by the scientific directors and facility managers of the nodes, chaired by the ICTS coordinator, which for the 2017-2020 period is Miquel Pons, the scientific director of the Barcelona node. The executive committee meets, personally or through electronic means, at least twice a year but can be convened by the coordinator at any time following a request by any of its members.

The Scientific Advisory Board is formed by internationally recognized experts and its role is to advice the Executive and Steering committees on strategic decisions. It is composed by:

The external Access Committee is in charge of evaluating the suitability of competitive access requested by the R-LRB users. The following Spanish scientists serve in this committee:

The user’s committee is formed by representatives of the external users, independent from the facility operators. It interacts with the Executive Committee to forward the needs and suggestions of the user’s community.